Monday, March 22, 2010

My Kitchen Rules Grand Final

Congrats to Veronica and Shadi for winning the MKR crown. I enjoyed watching this show, despite its cliched formula and the obvious -that Manu Fiedel is a right sexy bastard.

 I know as a Melburnian, I should have been cheering for the boys but I liked V and S from the start.  They cook the food I like with the same principles of culture and love.

I was so engrossed in watching, I totally forgot to photograph the step by step of the awesome bolognaise sauce I made in the commercial breaks. I used lamb mince instead of beef and the flavours totally worked.

Tonight I'm making stuffed peppers so will definatly have that process for you tomorrow- and hope the love is flowing for those little beauties. 

I also have a bunch of bananas getting very ripe so I can make a banana and raspberry loaf. Bake therapy is also back on my menu.  It keeps you sane.

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