Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greg Malouf and Miles Davis

Fossicked through a box of books and found my copy of Arabesque by Greg Malouf. It is filled with the most amazing recipes. Living in an area populated with Lebanese, we are privy to some good Middle Eastern ingredients that assist in the cooking of some great M.E cuisine. So it has inspired me to prepare some.

The train ride into the city this morning was actually enjoyable. Reading through the pages of beautiful recipes describing the lists of ingredients one needs to make this delicious fare accompanied with the sounds of Miles Davis' 'Kind Of Blue' album on the iPod.

Cooking to me is like jazz- there are rules but on the whole, it's completely improvised. That's why I've called my blog 'Can Madam Burn'. It's a term coined by the great Lester Young which was his way of asking 'can you cook?' He was also an innovator, an exceptional musician, Billie Holliday's soul mate and a beautiful man.

Prez, I'll pick something special from the Arabesque cookbook and make it just for you.

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