Sunday, September 4, 2011

Emotional Cooking

When you love food and cooking, you come to realise how much your emotions come into play. When I'm feeling the love, I enjoy going to buy wonderful ingredients to turn into delightful dishes. What is even better is when I get to share them with loved ones to enjoy.

On the other hand, when ye old black dog comes snapping at my heels, my meals are less inspired. They are meals I wouldn't share with anyone else in a million years.  I tend to get very boring and make the same things on rotation. Perhaps this depresses me even more?

The last week has been very challenging for me. I had the week off with blackdogitis and have not felt like socialising with anyone. So when Saturday came around and I had invited friends to come over for dinner, my plans for a spectacular dinner were scaled down somewhat. I was even going to call it off but seeing 2 of the friends coming had arranged with their husbands to stay home with the children, it wouldn't have been very fair.

So I decided on a lamb tajine as it's easy to make but looks impressive served in my Scanpan tajine. When I served it up, the girls oohed and aahhed and said they loved it.  I was impressed that it actually tasted pretty good despite my bad energy but I think having these fabulous women in my home made a great difference. Three of them have their own labels and the other one is a musician embarking on a new band and style of music she hasn't performed before so the conversation around creativy was inspiring. We also drank copious amounts of alcohol which rendered me useless for the following day!

It's got me thinking; what is my creative strength? What do I have to offer and contribute? How can I break through this darkness and creative light? How can I do these things for myself and stop waiting for someone to sort things out?

It looks like I'll be having pasta with broccoli again tonight as it's what's available. Or perhaps I'll roast some vegies... all I know is I want to get my energy back and enjoy my life with a black cat with the black dog far away..

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