Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Olives,Black Olives and Harissa

I've been a busy girl with the above noted items.  A while ago, I blogged about my black olive adventure. After a month or so of those babies being cured in nothing but rock salt, they are done.  I have marinated them in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli.

My green olives, which I cured in brine, were ready last week. They too were marinated in oil,garlic and chilli and are all gone. By God, they were magnificent. I have a pile of green olives at home ready to be transformed and this will happen tonight.
Here's the first batch of green babies-they were deeelicious! All gone now.

I also made some harissa, that magical red,hot sauce that is loved by the Moroccans. It is so fiery that I forgot I had chilli on my fingers and touched my nose. I was in so much pain I thought I'd end up like Ike Turner.*  This will be used sparingly with tagines and other meat dishes. Hot hot hot but good good good!

My goal is to have a stock pile of condiments and tapas-like items ready for use. The basil is coming to an end so I think I'll be stripping every last leaf and making a big batch of pesto for our use- if it lasts that long.

Have been watching Masterchef. There is  no way I could be part of that show as the stress would kill me. I could never cook that way which is why I could never become a chef. I like to noony noo around the kitchen not burn around it like Fernando Alonso. I'm definatly a fan of the slow food movement!

*It is alleged that Ike Turner tooted so much cocaine in his life that his septum eroded. Tried to find a picture but couldn't. I would imagine it would look hideous and I wouldn't want to put you off all this delicious food.

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